About Us

Trindee is a fashion-forward brand based in Los Angeles, CA.

Establishing trends, following a few and bringing even more personality to your closet!

The Journey

Trindee was 4 years into the making pre-launch spring of 2021. Founded by Trinity Bliss a trendsetter herself. Her background in costumes for tv and film, along with her personal styling services is what inspired Trindee. Trinity wanted to create a space that followed trends in fashion, however with clothing that was long-lasting. Because we all know trends always come back around. Having those trendy staples in your closet as forever go-to’s is what Trinity wanted for herself and all fashion enthusiasts.

Our Mission

We strive to make Trindee a place where trends are created and discovered. We cater to the individuals who have an affinity for fashion and will own a room! Our mission is and will always remain to install BAWSE energy through our fashions and inspiration through our outreach.

“Been Bawsey Will Forever Be Bawsey”